Posted on Thursday, Jul 22, 2021
Peter and Scott get meta by thinking about the act of thinking, and list some interesting podcasts in the process. Also hell has frozen over with respect to Evernote and Apple Notes.

Show Notes

The Beers

Listener Toasts

  • Vic’s feedback on FwB Ep 001
    • We have good chemistry
    • Vic’s domain name likes and dislikes.
    • Peter and Vic are both domain name losers (editorial comment)

Ted Lasso vs. See

ReIssues (Callbacks)

  • A follow-up on Lex Fridman


  • Peter’s class in Integrated Studies
    • Peter banged out a 7 week accelerated course in one day
    • Management and managing organizational change
  • Motivational Factors
    • People are motivated or not motivated by weird things
    • Why would you be willing to be bored at work?
  • Daniel Pink - To Sell Is Human
  • The Jordan Harbinger Show
  • After On Podcast
  • 8th Layer Insights Podcast
  • Mind Viruses
  • The Elements of Thought
  • A Compelling Narrative
  • The great Evernote to Apple Notes migration of 2021
    • Why this couldn’t happen before
    • What has changed about Notes
      • iPadOS 15
        • Quick Note
    • Notes app content type flexibility
    • Family sharing of folders
  • Touchscreen Macs
    • Will they happen?
    • Should they happen?
      • Yes


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Scott Willsey

Scott Willsey

Scott is an old school semiconductor guy and co-host of BubbleSort and many episodes of BubbleSort TV. You can read about his nerd interests at

Peter Nikolaidis

Peter Nikolaidis

Peter Nikolaidis discovered his passion for computers and information technology at a young age. An IT and security professional, Peter practices yoga, martial arts, running, biking, as well as self-improvement and mindfulness.