22: Apple's Black Friday Garage Sale

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 3, 2019
Can Clay and John help Vic ease his tech rage over Apple’s Black Friday Garage Sale?

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  • ’s Black Friday Deals AKA: Black Friday Garage Sale

    • Most of the deals are on older products
      • iPhone’s 8 & Xr - $50
      •  Watch series 3 - $25
      • AirPods - $25 but not the new pro ones
      • iPads are probably the best deals but still not great.
        • $100 on the iPads Pro
        • $50 on the mini and air
      • Macs
        • $200 on the 13” MBP with the defective keyboard
        • $100 on the MacBook Air with a defective keyboard
        • $200 on an iMac, which is honestly not bad.
        • $200 off on a $5000 iMac Pro which hasn’t been updated recently and is a terrible time to buy.
      • tv, either model - $25
      • HomePod - $50
      • Beats Headphones
        • Power Beats Pro - $50
        • Assorted headphones ranging from $50-$100
    • Just about any of the new hotness anyone wants is left out.
  • Johns part-apology / clarification about the California Watch Face; full Arabic numbers, minimal complications looks good :)

  • Clay’s Article: Where To From Here?

  • Tesla CyberTruck

  • Apple MacBook Pro 16”


Clay Daly

Clay Daly

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John Chidgey

John Chidgey

John is an Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineer, programmer, podcaster and runs TechDistortion and the Engineered Network. John has produced and appeared on many podcasts as well as Pragmatic.

Vic Hudson

Vic Hudson

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