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Latest Episode

BubbleSort Show: 54: Mac Stack

Posted on Monday, Jul 22, 2024

Clay, John and Vic rejoice as BubbleSort returns! We discuss Johns SubStack Failure, Vics still streaming and twitching, Johns getting back into Photography and Clay talks about the pressures we all face working for a living and taking time for our mental health.

BubbleSort Show: 53: Grand Theft Personality

Posted on Thursday, Jul 4, 2024

Clay, John and Vic recover this lost episode from late 2022. We discuss Johns new M2 Macbook Air, Vics Swift UI experimentation, the Twitter take-over, Fediverse migration and just how much you can smash an iPhone if you drive a big car over one.

BubbleSort Show: 52: No Jerking Allowed

Posted on Monday, Nov 14, 2022

Clay, John and Vic discuss what they’ve been up to including some new software and hardware they have recently acquired.

BubbleSort Show: 51: 50 Shades Of Clay

Posted on Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

Clay, John and Vic discuss, podcasting tools, the only voice acting job Chidgey ever turned down, the Fediverse social platform alternatives, Instagram becoming TikTok and still made time for Taylor Swift!!!

Clay, John and Vic catch up and cover the latest Apple Event, vaccination mandates and more.

Clay, Scott and Vic scatter, smother, cover & chunk an assortment of mini topics.