025: Missing Australian Man

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020
An Australian man is missing, but Clay, Vic, and Scott carry on. Corona virus, new Apple products, and more!

Show Notes


  • John Chidgey

    Have you seen this missing Australian man?

    • One of our dear friends and a founding father of Vic’s BS Empire brother John has had to social distancing from BS for a bit due to personal reasons.
    • We love him and Always will!!!!
    • He is still part of the fam/Empire and has a permanent space reserved for his eventual return.
    • Until such time Scott and Ronnie will be stepping in some to help fill the void, although they will never fill his shoes, or his need for bubble bleeping 😂
  • Corona Virus and COVID19


  • March Apple product intros - insensitivity or pragmatism?

    • 2020 iPad Pro

      iPad Pro

      • ships 3-25
      • 11” from $799 - $1449 fully loaded
      • 12” from $999 - $1649 fully loaded
      • Nice little spec bump making it safe to buy again
      • A12Z Bionic
      • new LiDAR scanner
      • 6GB ram on all models
    • The iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

      Magic Keyboard

      • coming in may
      • $299 & $349 for the 11” & 12” respectively
      • new floating iPad design reminiscent of iMac stands
      • full sized backlit keys
      • trackpad supporting new multi touch gestures
      • USB-C port in the hinge for charging the iPad
      • Forms a case when closed like the folio
      • Fits last year’s models too.
      • Wow!
      • Wow the price and wow the nice keyboard!
      • Jason Snell posted a video from Apple on his Six Colors YouTube channel.
    • 2020 MacBook Air

      MacBook Air

      • from $999 - $2249 fully loaded.
      • Improvements from the last revision???
        • Retina display
        • The new Magic Keyboard!!!!
        • Touch ID
        • T2 Security Chip
        • Better Speakers and Camera
        • 2 Thunderbolt/USB-C ports
        • Like the Mac mini is now made of recycled aluminum.
        • 20% larger trackpad now with force touch.
      • Is Clay considering this for Photography or still leaning toward 16” MBP?
    • Mac mini

      Mac mini

      • from $799 - $2999 fully loaded.
      • Basically just a spec bump.
      • It’s apparently still a thing.
  • WWDC 2020

    WWDC 2020

    • Online Only
    • June seems like an eternity away with how fast everything has been changing day by day lately.
  • Fire Scott Willsey

Saving humanity

Apple product intros and sensitivity

iPad Pro

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