33: He has received some Mac

Posted on Saturday, Dec 19, 2020
Clay has an M1 in the computer garage, Vic orders his house around with HomeKit, and Scott doesn’t believe we have more than 1 listener!

Show Notes


  • LonelyBob wants us to make sure we cover Fitness+ when it launches.
  • Field Report from our missing Australian man



  • Clay’s new MacBook Air (1TB/16GB RAM)
    • Feels like the future
    • 16GB feels like 32 or more GB
    • Used from friday 8pm till Sunday and was only at 27%
    • Keep wanting to touch the screen (most touchable human designed MacOS yet
    • 400 nits bright enough for photographers
    • Capture One Pro 20 which is not optimized for M1 is way faster under Rosetta 2 than my iMac mid 2011 with 32gb of RAM
    • This monitor is much better for photography editing vs my mid2011 iMac
    • Back-lit keyboard is interesting concept I never had a luxury of having. I am happy I can dial it down… It is set to 0
    • Battery life is phenomenal (charge every other day with heavy use ie photography editing)
    • Clay is gonna rate M1 MBA against all computers I’ve owned (including iPad & iPhone).
    • iOS apps
    • Use a shared folder with Time Machine
      • You can set up a shared folder on your Mac that other Mac computers can use as a Time Machine backup destination. The folder must be located on an Apple File System (APFS) volume and shared using the SMB protocol.




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