35: Feel the Burn Bar

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 5, 2021
Many hours of callbacks, Tweetbacks, and all kinds of backs. Fitness+, beautiful moons, and HomeKit rage.

Show Notes



  • Clay was correct and if Vic had been paying attention he would’ve said so. All you have to do is get the IPA of an iOS app onto an M1 mac. Assuming you acquired the app with the same apple ID as the mac is signed into, it will run. FairPlay DRM for the account is the only check performed. When a dev choses to not be in the mac app store his app simply doesn’t show up in the store for download.
  • M1 Mac still Clay’s favorite, but his favorite software isn’t 100% onboard with the love affair (Clay will explain)
  • MacBook Air 13 inch Case
  • Controller for HomeKit received a rather nice update between the last recording and release and consequently doesn’t look like we described it and has a heftier IAP price tag.
  • Vic has Wemo/HomeKit rage.😂
    • Wemo issue
    • Alexa has got dumb
  • Scott bought another Wemo light switch & plug and a couple Feit 3-way dimmer switches.

iTunes Reviews:


  • Fitness+
    • Clay
      • The future!!!!!!!
    • Scott
      • Yes, the future!
    • Vic
      • I really enjoy the rowing workouts so far.
      • I am glad rowing is there but am somewhat surprised it made the cut and elliptical workouts did not. I would assume there are more people with those machines at home than rowers. (elliptical workouts don’t seem like something a trainer could or would do as much with to me personally)
    • Fitness+ Equipment
  • Last full moon of 2020



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