Believe: A Ted Lasso Podcast – S02E07 – Headspace

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021
Everyone’s cracking up, but is it with laughter or something worse?

Show Notes

S0205: Rainbow

Writer(s): Phoebe Walsh

Director: Matt Lipsey

Our Summary

Ted is having a rough time getting started with his therapy. Rebecca and Sam are stuck in a Bantr holding pattern. Roy gets great relationship advice from an unlikely source as he and Keely struggle with too much togetherness. Nate is struggling with being Nate and taking it out on those around him.

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Clay Daly

Clay Daly

CW (aka Clay) the father, husband, photographer, podcaster, human, these are some words that define me. Clay’s other podcast can be found at Cybrcast.

Vic Hudson

Vic Hudson

Vic is the host of the App Story Podcast and cohost of most things BubbleSort.

Scott Willsey

Scott Willsey

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