18: Goat Yoga

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019
Clay, John & Vic are back to discuss Apple’s 2019 WWDC Keynote Event.

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Topic: WWDC 2019

  • Good Night Developers - Intro Video
  • Far All Man Kind - Trailer from Ron Moore’s show
  • Apple TV+ update
  • tvOS
    • multi user support for tv app and music
    • New music display with lyrics
    • Apple Arcade.
      • PS and Xbox controllers
    • Screensavers
  • watchOS 6
    • new faces
      • Gradient
      • Large Numerals
      • Modern Digital
      • California Dial
      • Analog Solarf
    • Taptic Chimes on the hour
    • New System Apps
      • Audio Books
      • Voice Memos
      • Calculator
    • New Developer Features
      • Independent Apps
      • Extended time and sensor access
      • Streaming audio API support
    • App Store on the watch
      • Support for browsing searching and purchase/downloading all right on the watch
    • New Health & Fitness Capabilities
      • Activity App updates
        • Activity Trends
          • Good progress tracking of some key metrics
          • Looks like this is only in the iOS app
      • Hearing Health
        • Noise app
          • Constant sampling for db rating with alerts for high ratings
          • no recording, saving or uploading of data
      • Menstrual Cycle Tracking
        • Notifications for cycle and fertility window
        • Also in health on iOS with no watch
      • Health App Updates & Redesign - iOS
        • New Summary View
          • Notifications
          • Favorites
          • Highlights
  • iOS 13
    • Performance

      • Faster Face ID by 30%
      • Smaller app downloads
      • Twice as fast app launch speeds
    • Dark Mode

      • nice jelly fish😂
      • system wide
      • Apps demonstrated
        • News
        • Calendar
        • Notes
        • Messages
        • Photos
        • New share sheet
        • Music
    • System App Updates

      • Safari
        • quick setting changes like font size
        • Per website preferences
      • Mail
        • Rich fonts and desktop class text formatting
      • Notes
        • Gallery View
        • Shared Folders
      • Reminders
        • Natural language reminder creation
        • Quick Type Bar
          • Attachments etc
        • Tasks
          • Organize to do items with a top level reminder
        • Smart Lists
        • tag people with message integration
      • Maps
        • Rebuilt with more detail
        • New launch screen
          • Favorites
          • Collections - lists of faves and related locations
        • look around window AKA street view
        • Junction View
        • ETA Sharing
      • Privacy Improvements
        • Location services
          • New 1 time allowance
          • Background tracking alerts
          • Wifi and Bluetooth protections
        • Sign In With Apple
          • Simple API for devs
          • Uses a dummy account with no personal info
          • Choose to share your email or use a dummy email that forwards to your real one.
          • A different dummy email for each app
        • HomeKit
          • HomeKit secure video
            • Handled on local devices no unencrypted data sent
            • Data saved for 10 days without impacting your storage quota
          • HomeKit enabled routers
            • Firewalls smart devices for protection
      • Messages
        • Share photo and name with people you message
        • Improvements to Memoji demo
          • Cool demo but seriously does anyone use Memoji?
          • Memoji improvements - I still won’t use it because it’s like, totally dumb and stuff, because I’m an influencer in like fashion and nose rings are totes cool yeah
        • Memoji stickers
          • Nice system keyboard integration
          • A9 chip or later
      • Camera
        • Portrait Lightening Enhancements
        • JC says: Portrait Lighting modifications: I’ve never used them because I have a real camera
      • Photos
        • New photo editor
        • Much better video edits with rotation, filters and effects
        • Browsing improvement
          • Deduping and clutter removal
          • Intelligent organizing
          • New photos tab
    • Airpods

      • Siri reads messages and lets you reply
      • Audio Sharing
    • HomePod

      • Handoff to and from other devices by proximity
      • Live radio via iHeart, TuneIn and Radio.com
        • 100,000 stations
      • Personalized responses based on who’s talking
      • Personalized music, messages, notes, reminders phone and calendar
    • CarPlay

      • Improved dashboard
      • Redesigned apps
      • Siri support for 3rd party apps.
    • Siri

      • Shortcuts
        • Now built in and more powerful
        • the gateway for all shortcuts
      • Neural text to speech
        • More natural cadence and emphasis during speech
        • Entirely software generated speech via machine learning.
      • Send the dreaded “Unknown Caller” directly to voice mail
      • Low data mode
      • Multiple iCloud accounts for work & home
      • Enterprise Single Sign On
  • iPadOS
    • Today widgets pinned on home screen
    • Multi tasking
      • Slide over
        • Slid over multitasks just like iPhone
      • Split View
        • Multi window app support
        • app exposè
    • Files
      • Column View with preview and actions inspector
      • iCloud Drive folder sharing
      • SMB file Sharing
      • External storage and better camera support
      • Local Storage
    • Safari
      • Desktop class browsing
      • Download Manager
      • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Custom Fonts downloadable from the App Store
    • Text Editing
      • Grab and scroll from indicator
      • Improved cursor relocation
      • Improved dragging for text selection
      • 3 finger copy/paste/undo
    • Pencil Improvements
      • reduced latency by over 50%
      • redesigned tool pallet
      • PencilKit dev API

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