For All Mankind

BubbleSort TV: For All Mankind

The usual BubbleSorters and a panel of internet friends discussing the TV Show, For All Mankind.


Latest Episode

For All Mankind S02E08: And Here’s To You

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021

Bad things are happening on the moon, but good things are happening in this podcast! Vic and Scott shed some tears.

For All Mankind S02E07: Don’t Be Cruel

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 6, 2021

A mixed review and a call from the moon!

For All Mankind S02E05-06: We’re All Human

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021

Vic and Scott have feels about For All Mankind Season 2 Episodes 5 and 6.

For All Mankind S02E03-04: (Back) To The Moon!

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021

Vic and Scott have serious thoughts about For All Mankind Season 2 Episodes 3 and 4, Rules of Engagement and Pathfinder.

For All Mankind S02E01-02: We Love a Good Montage

Posted on Saturday, Mar 13, 2021

Vic and Scott geek out about For All Mankind Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2, Everything Little Thing and The Bleeding Edge.

For All Mankind Season 1 Recap

Posted on Monday, Feb 22, 2021

In the inaugural episode of BubbleSort TV For All Mankind, Vic and Scott introduce the new show and kick off their coverage of For All Mankind with a recap of Season 1.