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Scott & Vic are back to discuss the final season of Mr Robot.


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BSTV Mr Robot Awards Ceremony

Posted on Thursday, Jan 30, 2020

Hello, friend. It’s time to revisit our favorite things about the entire Mr Robot series!

Mr Robot S04E13 : Hello, Elliot

Posted on Friday, Dec 27, 2019

Scott and Vic finally meet Elliot, and they have the feels. Join us for Mr Robot’s final ever episode in this universe.

Mr Robot S04E12 : whoami

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 24, 2019

whoami ? I don’t know, but you’re making me question everything in Mr Robot S04E12 : whoami

Mr Robot S04E11 : 411 Exit

Posted on Thursday, Dec 19, 2019

Hello, friend. It’s either real or it’s a dream, there’s nothing that is inbetween. Mr Robot S04E11 : 411 Exit

Mr Robot S04E10 : 410 Gone

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019

Fan service or critical plot point? You decide with our coverage of Mr Robot S04E10 : 410 Gone

Mr Robot S04E09 : 409 Conflict

Posted on Thursday, Dec 5, 2019

Hello, friend. Vic and Scott tag along as Elliot and Darlene cripple the 1% of the 1% in Mr Robot S04E09 : 409 Conflict