Believe: A Ted Lasso Podcast – S02E04 – Carol Of The Bells

Posted on Saturday, Aug 21, 2021
It’s Christmas time for Ted Lasso in the UK, or is it? Clay, Vic, and Scott are have fun trying to figure it out.

Show Notes

Loose Ends & Follow Up:

S02E04: “Carol of the Bells” August 13, 2021

Writer(s): Joe Kelly

Director: Declan Lowney

Show Runner(s)/Executive Producer(s):

Our Summary: Ted is off to a horrible start for the holiday till Rebecca saves his and many children’s Christmases. Roy and Keely are desperately trying to save his niece’s Christmas with a dental house call, and the Higgins family hosts a holiday party for all the out of town players.

Cindy Clawford

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Clay Daly

Clay Daly

CW (aka Clay) the father, husband, photographer, podcaster, human, these are some words that define me. Clay’s other podcast can be found at Cybrcast.

Vic Hudson

Vic Hudson

Vic is the host of the App Story Podcast and cohost of most things BubbleSort.

Scott Willsey

Scott Willsey

Scott is an old school semiconductor guy and co-host of BubbleSort and many episodes of BubbleSort TV. You can read about his nerd interests at