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The usual BubbleSorters and a panel of internet friends discussing the TV Show, Better Call Saul.


Latest Episode

Better Call Saul S05E10: Something Unforgivable

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 28, 2020

This is the end, my friend. Better Call Saul Season 5 is at a close, and Vic and Scott have thoughts and feels.

Better Call Saul S05E09: Bad Choice Road

Posted on Saturday, Apr 18, 2020

Vic and Scott have made bad choices, but none as bad as Jimmy’s. Only Kim can save him now.

Better Call Saul S05E08: Bagman

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 14, 2020

$100,000 for a little trip out to the desert? Vic and Scott can do that! Jimmy? Well, not so much.

Better Call Saul S05E07 : JMM

Posted on Monday, Apr 6, 2020

Vic and Scott dive into Better Call Saul S05E07 : JMM like Scrooge McDuck into a vault full of cash!

Better Call Saul SE05E06 : Wexler v. Goodman

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 31, 2020

Things come to a breaking point, and that’s just between Vic and Scott! You can’t believe what happens between Kim and Jimmy, but you’re going to find out!

Better Call Saul S05E05 : Dedicado A Max

Posted on Sunday, Mar 22, 2020

Mike lives! (In Mexico) Jim and Kimmy play games with the law! And Vic and Scott record a podcast!